Friday, December 25, 2015

All work and no play makes Mummy MBA a grouch

Taking a break from the books sometimes is the best thing you can do. It gives your brain time to settle. I have been studying for the past two months clocking a minimum of six hours per day on average. Its been tough on both me and my family but I am so grateful for their support.

My strategy is to listen to my body (my brain especially). When I get to the point of not being able to assimilate anything, I take a  break and I believe its working. On the last practice test  (GMAT Prep 2) I took I scored a 750 Q48 V44. This has never happened before. Realistically, I feel its inflated as I didn't write the essay and raced through the IR but I hope its a sign of good tidings to come (my next GMAT Prep test will test my theory).

Am I happy? Yes. Do I think I will score over 700 on the actual test? Right now nope. But I do believe I have learned more content than during my previous attempts. I have learned my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned strategies related to taking and passing the exam. I feel more confident and above all realize that its just an exam and just one part of the entire application. I am more than just a score but I will do my best.

Off to play with my kids. Family time is the best.


  1. Wow!! Kudos to you..
    I felt a special kinship, maybe because I am on the same boat. But, I am just a single guy in a night job and I thought I have hell lot of responsibilities to fulfill ;)
    All the best. Do write about your next endeavors. Mummy must win :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. Nice to know the blog is being read and it can help someone out. Yes, mum must win. Lol